Monk Fruit Over Sugar

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Have you ever heard of Monk fruit? It is the new darling of sweeteners because it so much sweeter than sugar, yet doesn’t actually contain ANY sugar and hardly any measurable calories. Wow!

So, could this ancient fruit become the newest big thing to challenge sugar and all of the choices of artificial sweeteners? Several companies are betting on monk fruit (pronounced “luo han guo” in Chinese, because it is native to China. It was named because monks were said to have once harvested it).


As with the herb sweetener called stevia, ultra-sweet compounds called “mogrosides” are extracted from the monk fruit, creating a sweetener that’s about 300 times sweeter than sugar. It contains some calories unlike stevia, but since just a few grains are enough to sweeten a cup of coffee, one serving contains almost no calories.


The antioxidant-rich monk fruit—not the extract—is also traditionally used to treat sore throats, coughs, GI problems. The mogrosides extracts are being studied for the potential to prevent cancer.

Try this amazing new tasty sweetener guilt free because it basically calorie free and completely sugar free!


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