The Protein Generation

So What Does It Mean?

The Protein Generation is a new way of thinking and approaching life, staying young and active and trying every day to improve our health and vitality. It’s a generation that covers decades, from 25 to 55, parents and young grandparents, all focused on bettering themselves and their lifestyle.


It’s about thinking as a collective group to improve your lifestyle as a whole, making important changes and choices and a new way to eat and fuel your body effectively. It’s about health and vitality and being positive in every step you take towards that goal. It’s giving back in a brand new way and giving to yourself in a completely new lifestyle, fitness level, feeling of taking action…. plus feeling great all at the same time.


It’s redefining protein and giving protein a brand new category of incredible importance like never before.

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But even bigger, it’s thinking about someone else besides you, someone you’ve never even met, someone that desperately needs help for life. It’s social and physical responsibility, not just to yourself or your kids and your spouse, but even strangers across the planet who are invisible simply because of social economics, people that truly are suffering due to malnutrition. Not starvation, but malnutrition. It’s a brand new kind of social consciousness with effective action behind it.


Imagine a truly perfect food, a meal in itself that has life sustaining high quality protein easily digested, filled with all the vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, prebiotics and fiber needed….and it’s pure, it’s real, it’s honest…it tastes amazing! It’s a whey protein powder that can be mixed with plain water and becomes a complete meal replacement, whether you live in America or Africa.

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Each time you consume this perfect food that builds up your body, you supply that same exact meal to someone who desperately needs it across the world, they need even more than you do…. to live. You’re buying protein anyway, why not save a life or sustain a life while you also take excellent care of yours? I call it a modern day miracle and an easy one to achieve!


Look for this AMAZING program to launch in early 2014…..and become part of the Protein Generation!!

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