Protein Generation – A Generation with a Cause


Our smoothie product coming in 2014 is a unique protein powder because it is a “lifestyle” product, it fits the body builder to the busy mom and even her kids. It’s made of pure whey protein isolates, of the highest quality and it actually tastes amazing. It also contains fiber, prebiotics and NO sugar.

It is literally the best of the best. There is no fluff or fillers. It is pure healthy functional protein that dissolves easily and is the most bioavailable and absorbable form of protein there is. The quality is unmatched and there are no surprise ingredients or hidden bad ingredients. This is a product that is very close to nature, what we like to call “one honest protein drink”.

It is infused with the Moringa leaf and Acai berry (pronounced ah-sah-EE)  that are unmatched superfood ingredients providing all the vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant properties to complete this product as a full meal replacement. It is sweetened with Monk fruit which is 400 times sweeter than sugar alleviating any glycemic issue because there is NO SUGAR in it. The base product tastes great even alone with only blending with water and ice. Adding your own recipe of ingredients only enhances an already wonderful tasting product.


What’s interesting is where the Moringa tree grows…

World map - where Moringa grows

 green square Countries where Moringa grows

…is precisely where people need it most.

World map - where there is malnutrition

red square Countries with 5-35% of population malnourished

So this product is unmatched and tastes great with no bad ingredients, which is wonderful, but the key is really the cause behind it. Like Toms shoes, the social business model behind this product is to create prosumerism. Each time you purchase this product, a matching amount will nourish someone across America or the world.

Consumers are always trying to do better for themselves with their lifestyle or fitness program, but they also want to give back in some way. We are busy busy people, so this isn’t always easy to achieve. Modern successful corporations get that there is a new movement of social responsibility and that their consumers will choose a product over another if it supporting a great social cause.

An amazing product like this that solves malnutrition across the world is going to go viral. The consumer is going to buy a protein powder anyway, so of course they will want to buy one that has superior ingredients, but also one that will help someone else who really needs it. The consumer easily becomes a “prosumer” without doing anything different, yet solving malnutrition for a once invisible and desperate recipient somewhere in the world. At the same time they are feeding their own body with a perfect protein meal replacement.

What Does It Mean to Join In?

Well, you’re already doing all you can to improve your own health and vitality and that of your spouse and kids, so this fits perfectly into that generation of a healthy and functional lifestyle.


However, in amazing circumstances of responsible social business, we can go through our usual steps of life, but with a little extra thought and commitment, and through well thought out social consciousness, we can give back without a second thought. We’re drinking the protein smoothie anyway, but now we can feel really good about it, because it is nourishing someone far less fortunate in the world.

What an incredible cause, solving malnutrition abatement one meal replacement at a time. !!! Is there anything better than providing life? Protein Generation is all about a healthy life, supporting and sustaining what we are all trying to achieve….it’s a feeling, a cause of action, a lifestyle.

Give it to yourself and your family and in turn you can easily give life altering nutrition to someone who desperately needs it somewhere else in the world. What a true and honest gift of life that is so easy to share!


We can’t wait for you to join the Protein Generation in 2014. ( :

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