20 Great Healing Qualities Of Ginger

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20 Great Healing Qualities Of Ginger

Ginger is a fantastic root that does truly amazing things for your health….. more than you can imagine!

Here are just a few of its health benefits:

  1. Helps with poor circulation
  2. Acts as a catalyst for motivation
  3. Eases muscle and joint pain
  4. Eliminates inflammation
  5. Reduces painful menstrual cramps
  6. Eases migraine pain
  7. Has the ability to slow or kill colon and ovarian cancer cells
  8. Reduces nauseamotion and air sickness
  9. Reduces morning sickness
  10. Lowers blood fat levels
  11. Lowers blood pressure
  12. Lowers cholesterol levels
  13. Reduces arthritic pain and loss of movement
  14. Treats the symptoms of cold and flu
  15. Acts as an antihistamine and decongestant
  16. Stimulates the appetite
  17. Clears the “microcirculatory channels of the body, such as flaring sinuses
  18. Improves flatulence
  19. Treats stomach cramps
  20. It might even be an aphrodesiac

I would say it’s a good idea to include ginger in your daily diet and keep it on hand for lots of great health benefits! ( :

Amazing Spices That Heal Your Gut

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Adding spices to an upset digestive tract may not sound good, but there are some spices that actually heal your digestive system and improve digestion. Some act as anti-inflammatory agents and even reduce bloating and gas, plus many other great things.

Here are some suggestions of spices to use, that I bet you already have in your kitchen. You can spice up your food towards healing and a comforted stomach:

1)  Cumin (one of my favorites). It originated in the Mediterranean and was used by the Greeks, Egyptians and anyone living in the area. It is a pungent spice that can absolutely make a dish delish. A great bonus of consuming cumin, is it relieves flatulence (gas)! That’s always positive. It has also been found to improve the immune response and improve cholesterol. This is a common spice used in Mexican dishes and also some Indian foods, and believe it or not, it can give instant relief. Try it, you’ll love it.

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2)  Turmeric (another favorite that is fun to try). The spice from this root has a long list of powerful properties, but to name a few….it is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and it has traditionally been used to heal burns, bruises and cuts plus drinking it in the raw juice form aids in digestion and lowering acid levels in your gut.

Indian Turmeric Abstract

3)  Black Pepper. This is a daily spice that everyone loves, but I bet you didn’t know that it can actually stimulate the digestive organs in a very positive way. It gets the flow of saliva in your mouth going as well as the gastric juices in the stomach. It also contains lots of great things, like vitamin K, manganese, iron, fiber and copper.


4)  Coriander. It is commonly known as the “anti-diabetic” plant. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant for your cells from the oils of these seeds. It can work to relax the contractive muscles of the digestive tract in conditions like IBS and has the ability to lower cholesterol levels. It has even been known to help control blood sugar levels.


5)  Cardamom. It is native to the evergreen forests of India and frequently made into Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive problems, mouth ulcers and even depression.  It’s a peppery, citrusy and somewhat sweet spice that detoxifies, solves halitosis, is a natural diuretic, antioxidant, anti cancer, lowers blood pressure and so many other things. It is also another reliever of flatulence and a digestive booster.


Wow! There’s so much to gain from consuming these amazing exotic spices, especially for digestive issues. I barely even touched on what each of these do. Get creative in your cooking and enjoy the benefits they each have to offer.