Autumn’s Last Turn: Hickory Smoked Pit Chili

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Patrons of the Pit

Banking the hot coals to the back of the old kettle grill, I cast a glance upon the pond, and the skies of gray, rolling over-head. A mist dapples over the20131006_151849_edit0 land, the house, and the bushes down by the water look wet, and tired today. The leaves of the cottonwoods have all turned yellow now, and many of them have fallen to their inevitable rendezvous with the earthen substrates below. One of them, however, landed on my patio, soaked, but still lovely, in this, the last turn of autumn. One last confident gesture of something beautiful, before ice and snow and darkness seize the land. It hasn’t much more to do in its life now. No more duties to uphold on the heady matters of photosynthesis. It need not provide shade nor solace for critters or kin. And it will decompose in time, like things do, and morph…

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Protein Power For Your Day

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Protein Power For Your Day

Hmmm…..What do I know about protein? Well, a lot, but yet maybe not enough.

We know the incredible benefits of protein. Eating whole foods and especially healthy protein is a natural thing for our bodies and part of our history through the generations of family before us. Our parents and grandparents ate protein as a staple, but we have somehow strayed from this lifestyle into the convenient processed fast food lifestyle. What a shame. What choices of food we eat makes an incredible difference in our daily life. This everyday choice affects our LIFE directly because it affects our ENERGY, the BALANCE of our body’s systems and processes, and it affects our STAMINA and even our OUTLOOK for the day.

Unfortunately, the food industry is not helping us out in this regard. Our food supply has become more watered down than ever and actually is filled with things we don’t even need or want (extra sugar, dyes, artificial ingredients, and fillers of all kind, many hidden even in the labels we are reading!). We are all super busy and we do our absolute best each day, but deep inside, we all know we could do BETTER. We don’t have to harp on that or be hard on ourselves, we just have to keep striving to eat foods that are closer to nature…whole foods, foods we prepare ourselves from scratch. Each day is a NEW day to improve our health, eat healthy protein, increase our food’s nutritional value and in the process literally gain more LIFE!!

It’s all about getting back to the basics and treating our body to exactly what it needs. It’s so easy! It’s not just convenience and buying the latest greatest processed and perfectly packaged and marketed food that we have been sold on. It’s taking that extra step feeding ourselves and our family what our body can actually utilize and build on. Educating yourself on healthy alternatives to processed foods.  A little bit of knowledge goes a long way and toward long lasting health.

We need to eat everyday anyway, why not pick something healthy that sustains you. Whatever your meal consists of, focus first on a healthy protein as the center, allow yourself some healthy fats and a few healthy carbs to fill it out, then it’s a perfect meal. Or whip up a whey protein shake. They are easy and super healthy feeding your body the protein it needs.

Show your “protein power” abilities starting today!

Breakfast Really IS The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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This is a saying from way back and for a good reason….because it’s true. What is even more important though is to take that saying one step further. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but even more important, is WHAT you eat for breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is great, but eating a breakfast consisting of a good amount of healthy protein is what makes breakfast optimal. What we eat for breakfast determines several things about our day like our body’s hormonal balance, our metabolism, our energy, our ability to lose weight and our cravings throughout the day.

Being overweight and fatigued generally go hand in hand. This is because our body cannot properly burn the fuel that you are storing, so you are not receiving the needed energy from it. If you are not burning your fat stores, then you are not going to feel energized. The reason behind this inability to burn your fat stores is the direct thing that causing you to be tired. The key to fixing this issue is to eat a healthy portion of pure protein in your first few meals. This will get the metabolic fires burning which will then give you the energy you need as well by burning your fat stores.


Any meal lacking a healthy portion of pure protein will actually act in suppressing your metabolism. Simply adding or ensuring the intake of protein to your breakfast will aide in weight loss, without changing anything else in your routine. You’ll find the added bonus of having way more energy which will give you the ability to then have a consistent exercise program. You’ll also have an improved sense of wellbeing because your hormones will be balanced. You’ll even notice that your cravings for sugar and carbs will disappear, and you will feel more satisfied from your meals and less likely to crave snacks.


So don’t skip breakfast! Instead make it count by eating some solid healthy protein to jump start your day….eggs, meat, cottage cheese or healthy protein powder in a morning smoothie.



So, What’s So Amazing About Acai Berries? A LOT

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The acai berry is a well known rainforest remedy from the Amazon in Brazil. It comes from the acai tree that is native to the Amazon rainforest region. It grows over 50 feet in height and produces small dark berries that are deep purple in color. Brazilian natives know very well  the healing properties of the acai berry that they discovered thousands of years ago. They learned quickly that it boosted their energy when it was eaten regularly. It also has an extraordinarily high nutritional value that has been known historically to have sustained the lives of the natives of the Amazon during times of famine.

They have nicknamed this amazing superfruit the “Beauty Berry” for its many compounds that make the body both look and feel better, starting from the inside to the outside. It provides a combination of antioxidants, amino acids and omega fatty acids. These are all known to help slow the aging process. This happens by boosting the immune and metabolic functions and also by removing destructive free radicals from our bodies.

Acai has a range of unique plant chemical compounds found in no other fruit on the planet.

It also comes as a surprise to many that this little acai berry actually has more grams of protein than an egg. This and when combined with its list of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, acai has been shown to improve the texture and appearance of your hair, skin and nails.

Your body will likely feel the effects after just one week of nourishing it with acai berry. Adding the Amazon’s most potent super berry into your daily health regimen will make you feel more energy than you have in years!


What Impact Does Exercise Actually Have On Weight Loss?

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Believe it or not most estimates say that exercise contributes to about 20% of an individual’s weight loss success. The real success comes from your diet, which affects weight loss success by somewhere around 80%. Trying to kill yourself with exercise when you’re still eating a very poor diet is not an effective way to lose weight.

So what are 5 great ways to achieve weight loss that lasts?

1)  Use a food log or app to track your actual food intake. Apps are great for this, to learn how many calories you are eating, as well as a breakdown of protein, carbs and fat. You will learn a lot about what you eat and it’s an honest approach to a new eating lifestyle.

2)  Eat at least ⅓-½ of your volume of food that comes from a high quality protein. This will ensure that you don’t lose muscle mass as part of your weight loss. Plan on eating about 0.5 grams/per pound of body weight throughout the day. If you are doing heavy heavy exercise or weight lifting you can increase your intake to 0.8-1.0 grams/per pound of body weight.

3)  Create a functional exercise program and mix it up (cardio one day, resistant exercises the next day). Change up the sources for these exercises to use and work different parts of your body.

4)  Get your thyroid checked by a competent doctor. If this is off, then not only will you not feel your best, but you simply can’t lose weight when your thyroid levels are out of whack.

5)  Lose only a half a pound to maybe a pound a week. (except in the first few weeks) Losing any more than this brings on yo-yo dieting, which not only doesn’t last and causes you to regain the weight you’ve lost, but usually you end up adding a few more pounds to your original weight in the process.

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