The Truth Behind The Diabetes Epidemic And Obesity

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The Truth Behind The Diabetes Epidemic


Unfortunately the world is losing the battle against diabetes. Many experts believe the number of people now living with it is estimated to be over 380 million. This is mostly Type 2 diabetes that is directly related to obesity, a poor lifestyle, little or no exercise and eating an excess of processed foods lacking little if any nutritional value. We are creeping towards 10% of the world’s population having this disease (adults).


This is becoming a major health issue that is fast approaching near epidemic proportions across the world because there are more than 1.7 billion adults who are overweight, and approximately 300 million or more are considered obese. Even more tragic is this epidemic is trending towards younger and younger individuals, even as young as prepubescent ages. Sadly, there are now at least 150 million children worldwide who are overweight or obese.


In 3rd World countries over 70% of the population has Type 2 diabetes and this number is increasing each year. The most commonly affected are the people in the middle of their lives, between 35 and 65 years old, those years when they need to be the most productive.


In contrast, in developed countries people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are usually past the age of retirement and it occurs mostly in the highest poverty areas. Whether it is in developing or modern developed countries, poverty and a greater consumption of low cost per calorie foods, processed and packaged foods and sugary drinks goes hand in hand and makes Type 2 diabetes thrive.

This is a serious problem that needs serious solutions, nutrition education, lifestyle changes and better choices and avoiding these empty processed foods that increase the likelihood of obesity at any age.

A great start is to focus on eating healthy protein, vegetables, drinking lots of water and beginning an exercise program (even a small one). You’ll start to feel better, lose weight and have the energy and focus to make even more positive lifestyle changes!

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