What’s The Secret To a Long Healthy Life? Maybe Living On An Island In The Mediterranean

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What’s The Secret To a Long Healthy Life? Maybe Living On An Island In The Mediterranean


There are people who live in the Greek islands who reach the age of 90 with no problem. They live 8 to 10 years longer before getting cancer and cardiovascular disease. They are content and happy and have about a quarter the rate of dementia as the average American. In fact, there are a disproportionate number of centenarians (people who live past 100) who live here.


So what is the key to this extraordinary health? They eat foods that boost longevity and mental clarity and contentment. They cook the only way they know how, the way their ancestors did for centuries. The famed Mediterranean diet has lots of local herbal tea loaded with antioxidants, many beans daily, fish twice a week, meat only five times a month, two or three cups of coffee a day, two to four glasses of red wine a day, and lots and lots of olive oil. They consume daily servings of fresh greens that come straight from their own organic gardens. They rarely if ever consume anything processed and very little refined sugar.


Their diet is only one explanation to this longevity. Their low key and relaxed way of life and sense of community contributes to this. They wake up naturally, work in their own gardens, eat a late lunch, take an afternoon nap and their evenings are very social spending lots of time with supportive family. Whenever possible, they relax and enjoy their meal, real homegrown food that is whole and healthy.


So what advice can you take from this? Don’t take life too seriously, eat well and enjoy the company of whoever you are with!

And visit Greece someday!! It’s amazing ( :

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