So Why Is Protein Getting So Much Focus?

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So Why Is Protein Getting So Much Focus?


People are consumed with protein, but are they consuming enough protein? It is a vital part of our daily diet and we definitely need to make it a priority and get our kids to focus on the lifestyle habit for life.

For the most part, we try to eat it with breakfast, lunch, dinner and incorporate it with our snacks. Getting enough is important but overeating it is also not doing us any more favors, it’s only necessary to eat so much….and throughout the day or we can’t use it effectively.

So why is protein so vital? Proteins are made up of many amino acids which are considered to be the building blocks of our cells and body. Eating protein from an array of healthy food sources allows our body to grow healthily and stay healthy with a lot of vitality.   


What are some important functions of protein:

  • a significant role in growth and the maintenance of our all our body systems
  • responsible for making healthy hair, nails and skin (cell renewal)
  • contribute to bone and muscle health and growth
  • significantly contribute to our ability to heal
  • enzymes aid in multiple bodily functions, including digestion
  • proteins actually make up hormones, such as insulin, a protein hormone, that balances our glucose level
  • maintain fluid balance
  • as amazing transporters they move throughout your body providing it with all the essential nutrients and molecules

The new trend is to focus on healthy sources of protein and avoid processed carbs and high glycemic fruits as much as possible. Eating a healthy portion of solid protein for breakfast every day can even aid in weight loss and add sustained energy to your day by jump starting your metabolism. Be sure and eat whole protein food sources for at least 1-2 meals a day, such as from meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cottage cheese or yogurt. It’s a great idea to supplement with a high quality whey protein smoothie as a snack once or twice a day as well in between meals.  

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You probably need more grams of protein each day than you think and it’s harder to eat healthy portions of protein than processed foods and refined sugars. Choosing whole protein sources in a diet combined with other necessary healthy fats and complex carbohydrates (and vegetables) is part of your personal recipe for success in your quest for health.

Eat well and make sure your focus starts with a healthy portion of protein!


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