Moringa Oleifera – A Solution To Worldwide Malnutrition

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Moringa Oleifera – A Solution To Worldwide Malnutrition


Moringa Oleifera just happens to grow easily and abundantly exactly where it is needed most, where malnutrition is rampant, coupled with extreme poverty. The map below outlines the areas where this miracle tree of life grows. Amazingly, this is exactly where malnutrition is the most dense across the world, particularly in developing countries. It is known that poverty is directly linked as a contributing factor to malnutrition, could it be that moringa trees are the practical and easy solution to this overwhelming amount of malnutrition?


The nutritious powder from the Moringa tree is made by pulverizing the leaves in a special process of drying them in the shade. This preserves and protects the power packed and rich nutrients of the leaves from the sun. This resulting powder is so mild, and so palatable, that it can even be added…

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