Throw Your Negative Thoughts In The Garbage!

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Guess what……you can!

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There are amazing therapies out there already that ask you to write down your negative thoughts and BURN them, send them up in the air in a helium balloon, run over them, send them down river….whatever it takes….to LET THEM GO!


The research now shows the proof is there in doing these exact exercises! By keeping it inside just circulates the problem and keeps you feeling toxic. In fact, it suggests you can magnify your own thoughts, make them more important and more potent by keeping them inside. Instead, writing out your negative thoughts, expressing them, releasing them and letting them go….allows you to finally be DONE with them.


It doesn’t matter what method you use to do this, even if it means writing it on a document on your computer and then deleting it…..sending it to the trash bin. Do it! Maybe a few times……write it out and then throw it away..


Learning how to treat your negative thoughts as material, concrete objects that you can discard is a healthy thing. This way, afterwards, you can feel like the negativity is actually GONE.

Happiness can truly be a state of mind, sometimes an active one, that is cultivated through a regular practice of cleaning house of negativity and a practice of gratitude, mindful thinking and awareness, close spirituality and relaxing mediation.

So…..take a deep breath and let it GO!!!


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