Protein For Breakfast Will Help Slim You Down

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For some people, they feel as though not eating or skipping a meal (especially breakfast) will help them to lose weight. This actually is a myth. What happens instead is that your body thinks it’s in a “famine state” and then when you eat again it stores everything you eat as fat. In turn your body doesn’t burn the stored fat you already have. Or it will burn the non-essential parts of the body such as your muscles for energy. You will slim down but in the wrong places.


A large percentage of people simply skip breakfast, and those that do eat breakfast don’t necessarily eat what they should. Usually it’s something convenient, processed and loaded with carbohydrates and very little if any protein. The fact is there are more than 25 million young adults in America that are overweight or obese and 60 percent of them skip the “most important meal of the day” – breakfast.

Besides the obvious benefits of eating a serving of healthy protein for breakfast, studies are now showing that it keeps you fuller longer and gives you the energy you need over several hours and actually stops dieters from snacking at night (which usually consists of processed foods high in sugar, simple carbs and high fats).


Many experts are now of the belief that eating a good breakfast containing a portion of a healthy protein might just hold the key to the solution to the obesity crisis and fending off diabetes. Not only will you avoid these health hazards, but you’ll feel better and look better than you have in years!


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