Get Super Charged With Negative Ions

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These amazing negative ions are oxygen charged atoms with an extra electron. Everyone innately knows they feel really good near the ocean, high up in the mountains or near a waterfall. The reason is….there are literally THOUSANDS of negative ions there.

Ions are charged particles in the air that are formed in nature naturally. This occurs when enough energy acts upon a molecule such as water, oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen to release an electron from the molecule leaving then a negatively charged ion.


The concentration of negative ions in the environment from greatest to smallest:

Waterfalls 95,000-450,000


Mountains, seashores, a breezy forest 50,000-100,000


A breezy country meadow 5,000-50,000

In contrast:

In the inner city 100-2,000

Rooms and offices 40-100

A/C rooms and offices 0-20

The astounding way that negative ions can support good health is becoming increasingly apparent. Negative ions are in the air that we breathe in our everyday environment, but what is important is putting yourself in that right environment as much as possible.

Yoga Woman


So take a moment everyday to put yourself in the path of negative ions to rejuvenate and feel amazing! ( :

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