Being Happy Is Good For Your Heart

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Many things you do for your “figurative” heart is actually good for cardiovascular health, so what can you do to promote a healthy and therefore happy heart?

Caring for your heart. Taking care of your overall health supports your heart. It’s great to give back to others, but always give to yourself as well. It can actually increase your optimism and even help you lose weight! Try restorative exercises, like a massage, a hot bath, snuggling with your partner or spouse, yoga, walking, deep breathing exercises, to decrease your stress and show lots of “self love”!

Love!  Mmm….the spice of life and our true foundation. It’s a crucial and primary nutrient for the heart itself. The research out there shows how beneficial happily married couples live with less heart disease and are more likely to live healthier and longer lives. However, romantic love is not the only way to have a healthy heart. Having the love of your community, your family, even your sweet pets all give you happiness, which promotes a happy and healthy heart.


Laughter (one of my favorites). It truly is one of the best medicines, especially for heart health because it fights the stress hormones that increase artery blocking platelets and raise blood pressure. Laughing actually raises your good hormone levels, but even better,  it gives your abdominals a good work out. Watching a funny movie or sharing a belly laugh can be a big health boost.


Close friendship. Friends can be closer than family and help us to achieve our biggest goals in life, especially health goals, provide support in the worst of times, and even help us through our biggest challenges. Cultivating strong friendships in your life can reduce stress and your joy can be doubled. All helps support heart health.


Meditation. This is an invaluable practice that supports heart health and generates happiness, but also reduces blood pressure, inflammation and chronic diseases. All the while connecting to your critical emotional and physical needs. Some pray while meditating, some practice releasing exercises, some completely silence all of their thoughts to relax and restore their minds and bodies. A great idea is to do all of those and before going to sleep visualize what exactly you want in your life and your goals before going to sleep.


Restorative exercises such as all of these release the mind, body, heart and soul, and actually build up and restore your adrenal glands (your energy and immune fighting systems). Even laying down flat for 15 minutes a day, meditating, praying, laughing, loving, sharing friendship with someone…..creates this restoration.


Make it a habit and you’ll never want to live without it! Go have an AMAZING day!!! ( :

2 thoughts on “Being Happy Is Good For Your Heart

    Cathy Fraser said:
    December 30, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I have been struggling with hormone imbalance, and changing my diet has been a great help. I had some literature by Doug Ginter called My Hormones, a great read on imbalances and therapies and also diet. It’s been a tremendous help to me. is the site, if you are looking for some great info on this, I really suggest this one.

      Erica responded:
      December 30, 2013 at 10:52 am

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks so much! I will check both out. I can definitely relate and it’s taken me 20 years to get my straightened out! They still need constant tweaking.

      Wishing you wonderful health!

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