Electrolyte Yourself

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Electrolytes balance us out, literally, because they are essential for normal function of all of our cells and organs. Whether you are training for a triathlon or just doing projects around the house, we each sweat out these precious electrolytes daily. They are very unique substances that become ions when in a solution and they acquire the capacity to conduct electricity.


The commonly known electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate. These are essential in balancing the amount of water in your body, your pH levels of your blood (acid vs. alkaline), the function of your muscles and many many other important processes, especially those relating to the sodium potassium pump.


Drinking lots and lots of water is great, and many people rehydrate by drinking only water, but unfortunately leaving out these crucial minerals. If you are sweating too much or you have the flu and you are only replenishing your body with water, then you could be at risk of getting hyponatremia, which is an electrolyte imbalance. It can cause serious symptoms like seizures or a coma, but more typically a headache, fatigue, cramps, muscle weakness and sometimes even vomiting.

Many of the sports drinks out there are doing a great job of including the electrolyte minerals we need in them, but unfortunately they also add lots of sugar, toxic color dyes and ingredients that I can’t even pronounce, so I’m not really sure what they are?



Instead, another option is….you can make your own healthy homemade electrolyte drink!! Mix 4 cups of warm filtered water, the juice from 1 lemon, 2 teaspoons of honey and ¼ of a teaspoon of sea salt. Shake it well, then chill it and serve when cold.



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