Protein Packed Snacks For Your Work Out

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If you’re headed to the gym, then here are 5 great protein powered snacks to take with you:

Whey Protein Powder (isolates) = 24 grams of protein (30 gram scoop)

Nothing compares to this for digestibility, ease and convenience to get your protein. Mix it with milk if you want a little more protein or blend in a smoothie to add ingredients of choice (frozen fruit for some carbs, colostrum, probiotics, maca, moringa leaf, etc.)


Chicken, Turkey or Tuna (3 ounces) = 14 (4 slices of turkey) to 22 (½ can of tuna) grams of protein


Eat in a lettuce wrap or slice of whole wheat bread for a great snack.


Milk (16 ounces) = 17 grams of protein


It’s that simple. Add a scoop of decadent cacao to it for some powerful antioxidants or mix with whey protein powder for a protein punch.

Greek Yogurt (5.3 ounce container) = 15 grams of protein

Easy and delicious. Skip any with added sugar or fruit. Instead add some berries or nuts to it for a perfect snack.

Eggs (three) = 19 grams of protein

These are a protein staple and so easy, especially hardboiled. Eat whole or sliced with a little salt and pepper.


Eating one of these easy protein snacks before you work out will give you the protein you need for muscle support and muscle building and for the sustained energy and stamina you need to get you through it. Eat another protein packed snack after your work out to help you in that immediate recovery period to rebuild the muscle broken down and restore the energy you used up and to help you feel good!



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