The Incredible Value Of Water

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Plain old water is really not “plain”. We all know the human body is made up of something like 98% water and without it we would decline rapidly, but honestly, what exactly do we do with water in our bodies after we drink it?


Circulatory value. Water is our body’s carrier service. It moves nutrients exactly where we need them and toxins exactly where we don’t need them. It’s a home cleaning service with a smile.


Lubrication. Each muscle and joint needs moisture and a valuable cushioning to work right and to avoid debilitating friction. When you drink water, your individual cells absorb and distribute the needed water to plump up each membrane, muscle and the cartilage in your body.

Ahhh…..we replenish. Each breath or movement our body makes expresses water from our body. Add a big workout with heavy sweating or even the process of digestion, and we are burning off serious amounts of water.

Skin nourishment. Did you know that our skin is actually our largest organ? In order to keep it healthy, we need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Weight Loss. The number one way we lose weight is actually through our urine. The adipose we lose is lost through urination….so drink, drink, drink!

Ache and pain relief throughout the body. If you have a headache, drink an 8 ounce glass of water and see what happens. You’ll be amazed how it just melts away. Take note to avoid the next headache!

Brain power. A well hydrated brain is a happy brain, sharp and ready to go!

Fight fatigue. When we are in a hydrated state, we are tired, very tired…..When we are lacking in hydration, the rest of our body tries to pick up the slack to help transport nutrients within the body. This will leave you sluggish and miserable. Chug the water and see what happens!


Teach your kids early to drink water. No other liquid does so much!!

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