Why Protein Intake Is So Important, Especially For Healthy Exercise

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Protein 101

Proteins are the basic building blocks of the human body. Besides water, protein is the next most plentiful substance in your body, most of which is located within your skeletal muscles. Supplying our bodies with the proper amount of protein is essential for optimal health and when it comes to exercise, to create the best possible work out. The average person can absorb up to about 25 grams of protein in a short period of time, so spreading out our protein intake throughout the day works the best for our individual energy and an optimal metabolism. Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to achieve this and keep our metabolism going  at a steady pace, or healthy simple protein snacks.


When it comes to protein intake, for the average person working out 3 times per week, the best rule of thumb is to consume 0.5 to 0.8 grams of protein for each pound of body weight per day. When we exercise, supplying our bodies with the protein it needs allows the body to have the essential amino acids necessary to be able to repair and build muscle and also to restore energy. Timing your protein consumption with your work out is essential for optimal energy and muscle building and repairing abilities in order for you to have the most beneficial work out.

Example of a 200 pound man’s requirements = 100-160 grams of protein a day

Example of a 140 pound woman’s requirements = 70-115 grams of protein a day

(This number varies depending on individual build and exercise and activity levels.)

Example sources of healthy protein with the essential amino acids your body needs that it cannot produce on its own are: 


1 scoop of Whey Protein Powder – 17 to 19 grams of easily digested protein

1 ounce of meat or fish – 7 grams of protein

1 large egg – 6 grams of protein

A cup of milk – 8 grams of protein

½ cup of cottage cheese – 15 grams of protein

Yogurt 1 cup – 8-12 grams of protein (these vary)



Don’t forget your protein. It’s the most important element of what you eat each day!


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