4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Metabolism

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Yes, these are actually 4 ways you might be undermining your metabolism, without even realizing it.

One….Missing Meals

When you miss a meal, which of course we try to avoid doing, your body is screaming “I’M STARVING HERE!!”. When this happens, the body naturally slows down its metabolism to make up for it, since there’s not enough food to go around for very long and to hold on to its existing energy stores. This is called “starvation mode” and the next time you eat, your body is fearful of another famine so it will store every single calorie you put into your body. But until then, your body will have to burn muscle to make up for the lack of ingested protein and nutrients, making you shrink in your muscle mass (not your fat). Don’t skip meals to try and lose weight! It will only back fire.


Two….Hormone Shortage, the Thyroid Challenge

For lots of reasons, our thyroid gland does not produce enough of the hormone T4, or it is unable to convert it to the active form of thyroid hormone T3 due to stress, harsh dieting, acute or chronic illness or for many other reasons. When this happens, it naturally slows down your metabolism, including calorie burning. This is called “hypothyroidism”, which is becoming more and more common. As a result, we become more tired, we gain weight, we get dry skin, hair loss and we just don’t feel right. The best thing to do is get this checked by your doctor if you suspect any of these issues.

Three…Drug Therapy…Antidepressants


Over the past decade or so, these types of medications have been prescribed liberally, often times due to other issues, including undiagnosed thyroid issues as well as many other unknown health or hormone imbalance issues. It helps many and is absolutely necessary, but for some it can also depress the metabolism. It may be that you don’t need them at all. Diet and exercise might just be the key or getting your hormones balanced. Check with your doctor!

Four…..Quitting smoking!

The only supposed positive to smoking is it somehow boosts the metabolism. Well, that’s only because your body has to use extra energy to purge these awful toxins from the body, which ultimately burns more energy, revving your metabolism. The key is NEVER TO START smoking!

Kicking the Habit!

Take care of your health and metabolism starting today!

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