The Interesting Facts About The Benefits Of Coconut Water

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Wow, there’s always something new and catchy that we need to know about and eat or drink. This time it isn’t cauliflower or brussel sprouts, it’s something yummy…..from a coconut! It’s coconut water and it has amazing health benefits.

It’s pretty easy to like coconut water because it has lots of attraction, whether it’s because it is from a beautiful tropical location or just because these days it’s being shown in all the movies while being sipped on by a sexy actor/actress while sitting on the beach in a perfect setting.



8 Amazing Facts About Coconut Water:

1)  It is not coconut milk (that comes from the coconut fruit when it is ground). It actually comes from the coconut after it is cracked.

2)  It is 94% water and very low in calories, it is a high source of potassium, electrolytes, B vitamins, enzymes and amino acids.

3)  It is an amazing aid in food digestion.

4)  It naturally detoxes the body. Yay!!

5)  It contains cytokines that protect the cells in our body from cancer and has wonderful anti-aging properties.

6)  It prevents dehydration, especially because of the high potassium levels, which maintains water pressure in the blood and in the cells.

7)  It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties from the Lauric acid it contains that aid the immune system and help to fight infections and intestinal candida (yeast).

8)  It contains power packed electrolytes that energize the brain and the muscles and allow for better nerve transmission and nervous system functioning.



I use half coconut water and half unsweetened coconut milk for my whey protein smoothie base mix and it tastes amazing! I also recommend freezing coconut water into ice cubes to add to your protein smoothies or any drink….it’s a great add to chill things up.


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