5 Reasons Why “Diets” Just Plain Don’t Work

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(Okay, I’m acting like this one doesn’t exist…..but we are all still staring at the scale. Yes, I said it, and we’re all going to ignore it, like we do with the scale first thing in the morning….okay, moving on…..)

1)  You eat way too fast!


Chew, chew, chew…..swallow. Chew some more, quick swallow. I’ve watched my husband eat and there’s literally NO chewing! ( : Chewing is an art and takes focus. Slowing down when you eat allows your brain to catch up, digestion to take place, which in turn allows for the state of being satiated. Here is when the desire to CONTINUE eating ceases. Mission accomplished.

2)  Oh my….you STARVE yourself


This just sounds awful and stressful. The body wants to SCREAM at you and does so by later storing every single calorie you eat, even a single rice krispie. Forcing your body to go into this mode is well, not your friend. Our body’s have a way of dealing with famine and it isn’t losing weight by the way…..it’s by gaining extra weight to survive the next famine. The far better way is to FEED your body to lose weight, especially with protein.

3)  C-A-R-B……it’s a FOUR letter word that we seriously need to deal with


So we have a choice of carbs to eat and what we should eat. Bad carbs beget (I love that word) really bad carbs beget raiding the freezer. So, choosing to actually eat carbs that are healthy to maintain our blood sugar and aid in the digestion of healthy protein is a good thing. Starving ourselves of carbs altogether makes us do what? BINGE on bad carbs!

4)  Learn to LOVE cooking! It’s okay, just COOK!!


The best place to eat healthy is at home, when you buy it and cook it. It’s plain and simple. Face your fears and cook. You’ll love it and you get to choose what you make and how you make it. You know best what you need to eat and this way you are in charge.

5)  Reward yourself proportionately


So you work out for 3 days and drop 2 pounds. Don’t go out for pizza and beers with the guys. It will surely backfire and you’ll gain 5 pounds overnight. The key to solid consistent and realistic weight loss is losing about a half a pound to a pound per week on average, so it actually works both ways. You lose some days and gain others, but sticking with a serious program means that at the end of day 7 you will have lost some weight. That is the goal and means you will keep it off. Slow and steady WINS the race!!!


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