6 Healthy Protein Powered Snacks To Help You Through Your Day

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How often during your busy day does your stomach really GROWL and usually at the precise worst moment, when it’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop? Exactly. Instead of having a solution to avoid this moment, we just suffer through it, and burn through our day until our next meal and eventually just completely burn out later. This….is not a good plan.

There is an alternative. You could avoid this altogether by being prepared to snack on a great easy protein combined with healthy fat or fiber, or a little of both, that will help keep you full for hours, as well as keeping your metabolic fires burning, and all the while avoiding an eventual energy crash without it.

Here are 6 great suggestions that are easy to eat at almost any time:

1)  Whey Protein Smoothie. These are portable if you refrigerate them and are the simplest and easiest way to get everything you need in an instant….shake it up and drink it. Voila!


2)  Nuts. 1 ounce of almonds alone (a handful) contains 6 grams of protein and almost 9 grams of healthy monounsatured fat. And they are yummy!


You can get creative with lots of different nuts available. These are by far the easiest to pack around with you next to a protein shake.

3)  Quinoa. (Pronounced “keen wah”. Yes, I finally know how to say it, yay!) This opens up a whole new world of snacks and is so yummy and easy to combine with other healthy veggies and healthy fats. Be fearless here and try anything that sounds good. Make it at home and it’s easy to transport with you. Quinoa cooks up like a grain, yet has the same type of muscle-building protein in it similar to meat or eggs. A half a cup uncooked has 12 grams of protein in it, it’s high in potassium and rich in magnesium, iron and vitamin b-6, plus a little healthy fat. It’s perfect to get you through to lunch or dinner! Have fun experimenting with this one.


4)  Black beans. Yum! These are equally packed with protein and fiber. A cup has 15 grams of each and you can add a healthy fat or veggie to it if you want, like in a salad, or one of my favorites is stuffing an avocado with them and a little salsa and maybe sour cream. Avocados are little gold mines of goodness, a little protein and lots of healthy monounsaturated fat and potassium. The combination is just delicious!


5)  Salmon. It’s easy to eat and is a power protein that is also a top source of the healthy and much needed omega-3 fats lacking in our diets. A 3.5 ounce serving has 22 grams of protein in it. Wow.


6)  Oatmeal. It’s always a warm your tummy thing to eat and so easy. A half a cup has about 5 grams of protein in it, a little bit of dietary fiber and iron, plus you can add a healthy fat to it to round it out for your snack. I love putting some healthy fruit on top, especially berries. Avoid the instant packets because they tend to be loaded with sugar.


You’ll feel the benefits instantly from incorporating healthy protein, healthy fat and fiber filled snacks into your day. You’ll avoid snacking on the bad things plus gain more energy and stamina from feeding your body what it needs precisely when it needs it.



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