Breakfast Really IS The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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This is a saying from way back and for a good reason….because it’s true. What is even more important though is to take that saying one step further. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but even more important, is WHAT you eat for breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is great, but eating a breakfast consisting of a good amount of healthy protein is what makes breakfast optimal. What we eat for breakfast determines several things about our day like our body’s hormonal balance, our metabolism, our energy, our ability to lose weight and our cravings throughout the day.

Being overweight and fatigued generally go hand in hand. This is because our body cannot properly burn the fuel that you are storing, so you are not receiving the needed energy from it. If you are not burning your fat stores, then you are not going to feel energized. The reason behind this inability to burn your fat stores is the direct thing that causing you to be tired. The key to fixing this issue is to eat a healthy portion of pure protein in your first few meals. This will get the metabolic fires burning which will then give you the energy you need as well by burning your fat stores.


Any meal lacking a healthy portion of pure protein will actually act in suppressing your metabolism. Simply adding or ensuring the intake of protein to your breakfast will aide in weight loss, without changing anything else in your routine. You’ll find the added bonus of having way more energy which will give you the ability to then have a consistent exercise program. You’ll also have an improved sense of wellbeing because your hormones will be balanced. You’ll even notice that your cravings for sugar and carbs will disappear, and you will feel more satisfied from your meals and less likely to crave snacks.


So don’t skip breakfast! Instead make it count by eating some solid healthy protein to jump start your day….eggs, meat, cottage cheese or healthy protein powder in a morning smoothie.



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