What Impact Does Exercise Actually Have On Weight Loss?

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Believe it or not most estimates say that exercise contributes to about 20% of an individual’s weight loss success. The real success comes from your diet, which affects weight loss success by somewhere around 80%. Trying to kill yourself with exercise when you’re still eating a very poor diet is not an effective way to lose weight.

So what are 5 great ways to achieve weight loss that lasts?

1)  Use a food log or app to track your actual food intake. Apps are great for this, to learn how many calories you are eating, as well as a breakdown of protein, carbs and fat. You will learn a lot about what you eat and it’s an honest approach to a new eating lifestyle.

2)  Eat at least ⅓-½ of your volume of food that comes from a high quality protein. This will ensure that you don’t lose muscle mass as part of your weight loss. Plan on eating about 0.5 grams/per pound of body weight throughout the day. If you are doing heavy heavy exercise or weight lifting you can increase your intake to 0.8-1.0 grams/per pound of body weight.

3)  Create a functional exercise program and mix it up (cardio one day, resistant exercises the next day). Change up the sources for these exercises to use and work different parts of your body.

4)  Get your thyroid checked by a competent doctor. If this is off, then not only will you not feel your best, but you simply can’t lose weight when your thyroid levels are out of whack.

5)  Lose only a half a pound to maybe a pound a week. (except in the first few weeks) Losing any more than this brings on yo-yo dieting, which not only doesn’t last and causes you to regain the weight you’ve lost, but usually you end up adding a few more pounds to your original weight in the process.

Most importantly, stop thinking of this as “dieting” and simply make this a new lifestyle. Take the psychology out of it. Psychology in losing weight can really mess things up. Rather than focus on what you can’t have, focus on eating what you should have, what best fuels your body. Think healthy overall lifestyle not torture. ( :

Good luck!

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